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valar morghulis
I adore THG and the GoT but I couldn't think of a clever URL that combined both of them and I liked this one ok don't look at me

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CFM - 5 female characters - Mags

Well, Katniss, when she goes, I just hope she goes quickly, because—

s h e ’ s   a c t u a l l y   a   w o n d e r f u l   l a d y .

Fire cannot kill a dragon.


“He was picked up by the Capitol along with Johanna and Enobaria,” says Haymitch. And finally he has the decency to drop his gaze.



same, kid, same


Winter comes for all of us, Catelyn thought. For me, it came when Ned died. It will come for you too, child, and sooner than you like.

why do you think that the POV chapter names for Sansa and Arya changed to Alayne and Cat while Tyrion's POV chapters in ADWD remained 'Tyrion' even though he made his name Hugor Hill after leaving Westoros?


I’ve read and reread ASOIAF many times, but I never noticed this distinction. Thank you for asking this. Though the answer came to me easily, and I don’t think it’s a particularly complicated one.

I believe there are two ways that GRRM uses a different name or a nickname as the titles of characters’ POVs.

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This is a private transmission from District 13 with a message.
The M o c k i n g j a y lives.


My mother said, “It looks like District 12 may finally have a winner.” But she wasn’t talking about me.